Sunday, December 11, 2016

2016-10-29: From Meteors to Sand Dunes in West Texas

Hello and Welcome Back to the AwayWeGo's Geocaching Adventures Blog. Today's adventure was a rather short one. After a late breakfast, we drove over to Odessa for a Starbucks coffee. By this time we weren't up for a long drive to anywhere, so I chose to get some of the nearby caches I was saving for a time like this.

We stopped by the Monahans Sandhills State Park for an Earthcache (GCZJNH) and a walk in the sand. With sand dunes ranging from 35-80 feet high, the sand hills cover more than 3800 acres in two counties. It reminded us a lot of the sand dunes along the Florida beaches.

The other Geocache we went after was at the Odessa Meteor Crater, which was a virtual cache (GC646F). Though the crater was originally 500 feet wide by 100 feet deep. However, over the years wind and erosion had filled in most of it. There was also an Earthcache (GC16J2E) at the visitors center, plus two more on the road leading up to it.

Back near the beginning of the road near I-20, there was the Henderson Ranch Family Cemetery. The burials date from 1903 to 1978. I was surprised there wasn't a cache placed here, so I came back later and hid one myself.

So that was it for today. Not a big adventure, but we did see a few of the places we kept bypassing and saving for a day like today. Thanks for stopping by and joining us on today's short adventure.

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