Friday, March 11, 2016

2016-03-10: Geocaching and GeoArt Getting an "A" For My Effort

Today I had to drive up to Clovis, NM to take care of some business and on the way back decided to go Geocaching. But first I had to grab one cache in Clovis since it was 100 miles away from Lubbock. Gotta keep my cache-to-cache distance miles growing. Last I checked it was over 411,000 miles! So a quick LPC next door to where I was and headed back.

Just south of Littlefield, TX was this GeoArt that I've had my eye on. A few days ago, I solved all the puzzles so I could get the correct coordinates to the caches. Driving down the rural dirt roads through farm land with rarely a muggle in site, after about an hour and 30 caches later, I spelled the letter "A" in Geocaches. Most of them were fairly easy with a couple of difficult nano's in the mix.

That was it for today. Hey it's a weekday! See ya next time.

A photo of the letter "A" GeoArt.

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