Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2016-02-21: Hiking in a Beautiful Canyon with a Beautiful Lady and She Said YES!

Hello again and welcome back to our Geocaching Adventure blog. Today I had a surprise planned for Candy. We were supposed to have gone to Palo Duro Canyon here in Texas back in November for a vacation. But do to her job change at that same time, our vacation plans were cancelled and we ended up moving to Texas. First in East Texas and now in West Texas.

Well today we finally got the chance and good weather to make the 2-hour drive up and take a hike. And I couldn't have asked for much better weather either. It started out a little cloudy. But by the time we reached our the Lighthouse Peak, the sky had cleared. Still a little windy, especially up at the peak. But at least it wasn't hot!

After arriving at the trailhead parking, I put on the backpack with some bottled water, grabbed both GPS's for Geocaching, and away we went. Because the weather was so nice and being a Sunday, there were quite a few people out on the trails. I mean there must have been 25-30 cars parked at the trail head and saw plenty of people coming and going along the trail.

We started out on the trail and within a few hundred feet came to and found our first Geocache. Then about 600'-700' down we found the next cache. The next cache however, we spent about 10 minutes looking without success, a DNF. It was then I decided that this may take more time than I expected. So we just hiked through to the Lighthouse Peak and would do the Geocaching on the way back.

We enjoyed the views and took lots of pictures. In this first photo below, I don't know if this rock formation has a specific name but I call it "Sitting Chief." Following the ridge to the right and into the second photo, this hill is actually called "Capital Peak."

Sitting Chief
Capital Peak

Down to the right you can see two peaks way in the distance.
That is Lighthouse Peak and our destination.

After about an hour, we arrived at the base of Lighthouse Peak and began our climb up. This section here was probably the most difficult as there was a lot of sand through here which made the steep climb slippery. You kinda had to walk funny from side-to-side finding flat spots on secure rock.

We've reached the top! Here is a panoramic photo taken from between the two towers. It was a spectacular view! The wind was blowing at about a chilly 30 mph too. But definitely worth the 6.84 mile round trip hike!

After a few moments of enjoying those views and taking pictures, we saw some hikers going up to the top of the second peak. The one to the right side of the next photo. So we decide to follow up the narrow trail to go part way up also.

Now we're back down next to Lighthouse Peak and got another hiker to take our photo. Before heading back, I decided it was time and took off my backpack and we sat on the edge looking out into the canyon. Looking at the photo of us below, it was just to the right of where we are standing. We had just celebrated our two years together since our first date and TODAY was Candy's birthday.

I reminisced about our adventures and how we've gotten through some rough spots already. And that if we work together, we can climb any mountain and walk through any valley. Just as we hiked up here to Lighthouse Peak. I then proceeded to ask her if she would marry me and she said YES! YIPPEE!! I have been waiting many months to get here to this beautiful place to propose to a beautiful lady! 

On the hike back we found 11 more Geocaches for a total of 13 along the trail. There were almost as many missing caches having 9 DNF's! We didn't look for all of those 9 as most had previous DNF's from the last few cachers.

Below we had a tiny water crossing and had to make it as dramatic as possible for our extreme Geocaching friends back in Florida! And MY Sweet Candy and her phone ready to take photos. She's so cute!

"This is where he proposed and I said YES!"

I saw the little trail and had to run up the hill.
From that point up got a little more vertical!
So today was another especially great adventure kinda day! We can now call each other fiance instead of boyfriend and girlfriend! Thanks for reading about our special day. We hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a comment to let us know you stopped by and feel free to share it with your friends. Maybe that boyfriend or girlfriend to kinda drop a hint! Hmmm...

See ya next time.

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  1. Yaaaaahoooo! Congratulations Mark and Candy!!! I can't tell you how excited i am for you and in all places... my old stomping ground Palo Duro Canyon!!!!
    I know tht God is so please by this and excited about your union in the Lord and where He will be taking you from here. Sorry it took me so long to read this from your call on March 1st... i have been running ever since but I saw it tonight and jumped for Joy.
    God bless you both,