Friday, January 29, 2016

2014-06-12: Road Trip Day #6 Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia

So this morning we're still in Western Pennsylvania, we have four days left to get back to Florida and no specific things to see or do. But I do know that it's time we must be heading south. If we just hit the Interstate, we can be back in two days. As I'm looking through Google maps trying to decide which route to take, I noticed US19 just south of Pittsburgh. US19 goes all the way down to Tampa, FL. So I decided we'll just follow US19, stay off the Interstate, and see what we'll find.

Throughout the day we managed to find 13 Geocaches at various stops along the way. Mostly during food or gas stops and nothing really to note about. We saw some small towns and scenic views of hills and mountains. For most of the day it was overcast and wet, so not many photos either.

The first place worth mentioning was this old US-19 bridge crossing over the Birch River from 1916. Located in Birch River, WV, it has long been replaced with the current 4-lane bridge that makes the US-19 highway. It's nice they kept this old piece of history in place.

Further on down the highway, we did cross over the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia. Even though there was a lite rain, we did stop for a quick look from the rest area. The New River Gorge has become a National Park. The bridge is the longest steel span in the western hemisphere and the third tallest in the United States. It is one of the most photographed places in West Virginia. Too bad the weather wasn't cooperating.

After crossing the border into Virginia, we got a bite to eat, found a hotel and called it a day. Thanks for following along with our adventure. See you tomorrow.

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