Sunday, January 31, 2016

2014-07-05: Geocaching With Friends Finding Virtuals and More

Today's Geocaching adventure takes us to Southwest Florida along with some Geocaching friends looking for virtual caches around the Ft. Myers area. This morning we started out early from Orlando and heading down US-27 to LaBelle, FL. There we met up with Geocachers CoalCracker7, the Corbettz gang, and MsYB to begin our adventure.

The first cache was called Giant Oaks and it was a short hike through the woods to find several large oaks. The ankle high grass was still wet from the morning dew and wearing sneakers it wasn't long before my feet were wet too.

CoalCracker7 and myself.
The next virtual cache on the list was called Bird Watching and it brought us to this lake with these two small islands in it. On the islands were thousands of these white birds that always hung out there. On the walk out to view the birds we passed by several huge oak trees with an abundance of Spanish moss hanging from their branches. After the short hike and a few photos, we headed off to the next one.

MsYB with the Corbettz kids taking the lead.

Not far down the road was the Port LaBelle Marina and our next virtual cache. A quick stop, more pictures, and we continued on.

Next on the agenda, another virtual cache and the largest oak tree in Hendry County. A quick photo and then we headed north of town a few miles to a cemetery and another virtual cache. Don't know much about the cemetery. Here's a photo of the oldest marker found.

From LaBelle, we headed west over towards Ft. Myers. Along one of the back roads, we passed by an old fashioned cattle roundup and had to stop and take a picture.

On the outskirts of Ft Myers, we stopped by the WP Franklin Lock and Dam Complex for an Earthcache on the Caloosahatchee River. The goal here was to learn about the history of the river, the oxbows, the locks and dam. We gathered the necessary information required, watched a boat pass through the locks, and enjoyed the views.

MsYB, CoalCracker7, and Corbettz
The next few on the list of virtual caches were stops at Lee County Park, the Fort Myers Cemetery in search of a malicious killer, First Street, and then the Edison and Ford Winter Estates.

Corbettz crew looking for Edgar J
MsYB with Thomas Edison at the HUGE Banyon Tree
After finally finding all the virtual caches in the area, we headed over to Veterans Memorial Parkway for a quick 20 cache power run before heading home. Another great day for fun, adventure, history and Geocaching with friends. Until next time...

Hmmm,,, maybe I'm looking in the wrong spot?

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