Sunday, January 31, 2016

2014-08-10: One Weekend / 1800 Miles!

While today's post may be short, it covered 1800 miles in just one weekend! During our summer road trip, we had dropped off Candy's grandkids at their father's house in Maryland. While the son was staying there, it was time to pickup the granddaughter. 

After work Friday night we quickly packed, hopped into the car and got a head start. We made it almost through Georgia and stayed the night in Richmond Hill, just south of Savannah.

On Saturday, we hit the road early and drove all the way up to Westminster, MD. With granddaughter in the car, we made our way back southbound. Just north of the Richmond, VA beltway I decided to call it a night.

Sunday came and we drove all the way back home to Florida. Wow, what a trip! From Google maps it was 1809 miles. Add in all the gas, food, and overnight stops and it was probably more like 1825 miles. Sadly the only Geocaching we managed was during the stops. Total caches for the weekend add up to only 5.

The one cool thing we found was on the way back. We stopped in Port Wentworth, GA for gas and saw a sign for Sweet Tea Grille. With a name like that how can you not eat there. Out front they had this huge chair which made for a nice photo opp!

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