Friday, January 29, 2016

2014-06-13: Road Trip Day #7 Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia

On this seventh day of our summer road trip, we ended up driving through Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. We continued following US-19 southbound and Geocaching along the way. We managed to find 12 for the day at various stops.

After a couple of Geocaches, I saw this virtual cache pop up so we turned off of US-19 for a few blocks to take a look. This water wheel was out at the edge of this Geocachers own property. 

These next few photos are of Spivey Creek in Tennessee at the site where once stood the Tilson Grist Mill. The mill itself has since been removed, restored, and now sitting in the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville. But a Geocache has been hidden here to mark the spot.

Continuing down the road crossing the border from Tennessee to North Carolina at the town of Bristol, there's a giant guitar in the center of town. That definitely a photo opp! So we quickly pulled over for a closer look.

This next stop is another virtual cache next to Cold Springs Church. This natural cold water spring continues to flow 24 hours a day. The locals even bring their jugs and containers here to refill for free fresh cold spring water. Sure beats buying bottled water in the store.

After the water falls into the drain below the deck forms this creek.
Still winding through the Smokey Mountains, we stopped for another Geocache and a scenic view at the Pattons Run Overlook along the Nantahala River in North Carolina. After finding the cache near the parking area, we took the short hike down the trail to the rivers edge. It was a beautiful hike and listening to the rushing waters was very relaxing. A great place to stretch the legs.

Our last stop and a virtual Geocache was a monument located in Murphy, NC. The monument marked the site of the former US Army post Fort Butler, where the Cherokee Indians we gathered to begin their relocation march known as "The Trail of Tears." Here at the confluence of the Valley and Hiwassee Rivers, General Winfield Scott commanded the relocation forces and used Fort Butler as his headquarters.

From there we continued south on US-19, crossed over into Georgia and stayed the night in Dahlonega, GA. Another great day full of history, Geocaching, and scenery.

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