Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2014-12-13: Two Events and Some Random Caches

Because of today's date 12-13-2014, it was a day for Geocaching events where cachers get together and share stories. Our first event was only a mile away from home. It started at 10 am and we gathered for 11 minutes. Therefore it was called: 10-11-12-13-14! So after quick hello's and a little cit chat, we disbursed.

Some of us headed down to Winter Haven, FL for the next Brunch Time event. Along the way, we stopped to grab a couple of other caches too. When we arrived at the restaurant where the next event was being held, it was standing room only! So another few quick greetings and off we went down the road.

A couple more caches later and eventually we found one at Sample Park on the shores of Lake Hamilton. After finding the cache we strolled down by the lake to enjoy the view.

The next cache took us south to Lake Wales and then east on FL-60 over to the Flaming Arrow Scout Reservation. Not a really big day, but a good day seeing some caching friends and exploring some new areas around.

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