Monday, February 15, 2016

2015-11-18: Geocaching Around Jasper County Texas

This morning after dropping Candy off at work in Kirbyville, I drove further north up to Jasper County, Texas. Jasper itself is a small town with only a few Geocaches around. But I took a drive up to check out an apartment and to the more rural areas of the county to go Geocaching.

After picking up one cache in town at a half vacant shopping center, I drove north on US-96. My first stop was a small neglected cemetery. A couple of secondary roads off the main highway later, and passing by the overgrown hiking trail going up the hill towards the cemetery, I finally found the entrance.

It was about a 1/4 mile hike to a small fenced area of about 10' by 20' with only one marked gravesite. Baby Girl Behannon who lived only 9 days in 1884. Getting back to the cache though, it was still further into the woods and required some bushwhacking to get to. But having done so, I was not only rewarded with finding the cache but also finding a little creek.

Several more Geocaches later and I came upon another cemetery cache. Nothing particularly historical or significant with this one, but it was a cemetery cache.

The last cache for the day was a magnetic key holder hidden about halfway down a bridge over another creek. No place to park on the bridge, so I parked down on the shoulder about 250' away and walked back. After leaning WAY over the side to reach down for the cache and signing the log, I heard dogs barking. Looking in that direction, I saw 3 dogs barking and running towards me about 500'-600' away. YIKES! Fortunately the car is in the other direction! I quickly replace the cache and sprint towards the GeoMobile. Yes! Inside the car with doors closed with maybe 100' to spare. That was close.

Enough excitement for today.

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