Thursday, February 4, 2016

2015-05-26: Out For A Drive Geocaching in Crystal River

For today's Geocaching drive, we decided to go someplace new. We had taken Hwy 50 all the way west to the Gulf of Mexico before. So this time we decided to drive Hwy 44 all the way to Crystal River.

Taking the Florida Turnpike north all the way to I-75, the next exit it Hwy 44. We exit there and head west, seeing what was there along the way. We stopped for several caches in Inverness including this creative, funny, or maybe you consider disgusting cache. Can you see the cache container? Yeah, it's under the fake poop!

From there we drove straight out to the end in Crystal River and Fort Island Park. Looking north you can see the nuclear power plant. From there we turned back and found five more caches in the area heading home.

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