Thursday, February 11, 2016

2015-10-18: Out for a Sunday Drive and Geocaching Along the Way

Today was a day for a Sunday drive down the backroads of Florida to see what we can find while Geocaching along the way. Took the Turnpike north to Clermont where we stopped for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel. From there we headed out west on SR-50 all the way to Tarrytown. I think the last time out here we turned north on Hwy 471, so today we turned south.

We picked up a quick geocache at a guardrail crossing the Little Withlacoochee River. Then turning into the Richloam Wildlife Management Area to get a few more geocaches. The next cache we came was called JayJay's Swamp where our recent purchase of rubber boots came in handy!

A couple of more caches in the woods and a little bit of bushwhacking. When we started out this morning we didn't have any intention of doing ANY hiking today. But when you're so close, it's hard to resist! And then there was this one... We drove as close as we could get, we put the rubber boots back on and began the short hike along the trail. Even with the boots though, the water was starting to get too deep. It was heading towards the river. So we passed and backed out.

Continuing down 471 southbound, we found a few more roadside caches before picking up US-98 into Lakeland and heading back home.

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