Thursday, February 18, 2016

2015-12-09: Geocaching First-to-Find, a Power Run, Cemeteries in Shelby County Texas

Welcome back! So today was a quick run up to Shelby County, Texas. I drove up here yesterday for a chance at a First-to-Find on a Geocache that had published and gone unfound for 4 days. It was too hard to resist the drive up any longer, so I came, I looked, but could not find. This morning I was back again. I looked and looked and bam! There it was! Yippee! That was a tough one and a good hide. I haven't had a FTF since leaving Florida.

Feeling good about that one, I decided to do some more Geocaching on the way back to Jasper. My next stop was a short power run of 10 caches along dirt logging roads through the woods. Just another chance to use the GeoPrius like a Jeep! Yay! I didn't get stuck! 

Continuing down the road, I came upon the next Geocache at the Shelbyville Cemetery (GC1NW13). The town cemetery still in use today and going back to the mid 1800's. The first person buried there was Polly, an Indian girl. However the date of her actual death is unknown. Actually there isn't much known about her at all.

A couple more caches later was the Bunkner Cemetery (GCRYVV) established in 1838. Next one down the road was really interesting. At the Neuville Cemetery (GCRYWA), established in 1940, it wasn't who was in the cemetery so much as it was what used to be next door. It was the remains of the Neuville Public School building, also built in 1940. You weren't supposed to get close to it or walk around in it because the walls could potentially fall over at any time.

So I ended the day with 16 cache finds including one First to Find! But also some really cool pieces of history.

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