Thursday, February 4, 2016

2015-04-25: Geocaching, GeoArt, a Butterfly, Celebrities, and Friends

OK so you're probably getting tired of me saying this, but WOW what a day! A big day today so we drove up last night to Gainesville, FL and stayed in a hotel so that we wouldn't have a long drive this morning. Today we were meeting up with YankaBucs, MsYB, CoalCracker7 and Parkhoppers to go Geocaching. The goal was to complete the Butterfly GeoArt and the Celebrity power run caches.

We got an early start and conquered the Butterfly caches first and it was OUR first GeoArt ever completed! GeoArt is what you get when all the cache coordinates arrange to form a picture like such:

This was a very creative TB hotel.
Some poor dog was bagged and tossed to the side of the road.

Looks like lightening split this tree in half.
After the Butterfly, we headed over to another power run series each named after different celebrities. Plus there were a few miscellaneous caches mixed in that were nearby. The total finds for the entire day were 155! That sets a new record for us for the most caches found in one day! Plus caching with friends always makes for a fun day. This is such a great game. If you're not a Geocacher, you really should look into it at

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