Thursday, February 11, 2016

2015-10-03: Geocaching in the Ocala National Forest

Today was a day for Geocaching in the Ocala National Forest. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of caches in the ONF. As I said before, it seems never ending because the often get archived and new one are placed because of the events that are held throughout the year.

We we cached along the SW edge of the ONF. We started out at a huge tree. It looks like there used to be a structure here by the tree that has since been removed. The challenge was finding a micro cache underneath all the leaves that had fallen on the ground.

From here it was a short hike to a virtual cache through the woods. Not a whole lot to see along this trail except this bright orange fungus growing on the trunk of a tree.

The rest of the caches for the day were park & grab power run caches. We ended up with 63 finds for the day and several DNF's. Overall it was a sunny cool day to be outside.

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