Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2015-01-01: Geocaching a Power Run and a FTF

Today was a day for some easy Geocaching finds to boost my finds total. There was a power run down near Bartow that I had started a couple years ago, but never finished. Today would be a good day for that.

On the way down however, we stopped in South Clermont near the Four Corners area to grab a few new caches that had recently been placed. There were four along CR474 and we managed to be First To Find on one and Second on the other three. Yippee! It's always fun to get the FTF!

After that, we continued towards Bartow. We ended up with 28 caches for the day, a FTF, a nice drive enjoying the fresh air, but only one photo... this pretty cool moth on a tree:

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