Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2015-11-26: Geocaching to China and Back!

So today I went Geocaching to China and back! OK, so it's actually China, TX. Also, it is Thanksgiving Day, but with Candy having to work today and all the family back in Florida... what else is there to do but go Geocaching!

From SW Beaumont, I headed west on some rural roads through the countryside. It was a nice drive and picking up Geocaches here and there. I found 26 caches before even reaching China. Nothing significant about the caches themselves, but I did see some interesting sites. Including this barn and ranch gate.

Traveling west along US-90, you'll come across China, TX. I found a total of 4 caches in this town. One was on the old fire truck by the base of the water tower. Another was a nicely hidden cache at the Boy Scouts building on the totem pole. The Boy Scouts have a big part in Geocaching as they also have a Merit Badge for Geocaching. So this scout troop has hidden a cache on this totem pole. Can you spot it?

It was a good day. Although it would have been much better if I got to share it with Candy also. Thanks for stopping by and reading about today's adventure. See you back again tomorrow.

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