Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2015-01-03: Geocaching with Friends in the Ocala National Forest

It's always fun to go Geocaching with a group of friends and yesterday (Jan 3rd) was one of those days. We met up with YankaBucs, MsYB, HorseshoeChamp, Geoturtlelover, and ItchyFeet2Wander in the Ocala National Forrest to find the TAFF and Breaking Bad series of caches. It was a fun fast day in the ONF and we managed to find 65 caches before Candy and I called it a day and headed home. Didn't take a whole lot of pictures except for this creative cache container and a couple of deer and bear tracks.
Today (Jan 4th) Candy and I drove back up to the ONF again to find some more of the TAFF series of caches along with a few others mixed in along the way. We added 42 caches to the found column today.

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