Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2015-03-07: Geocaching Around Clermont and South Lake County

Right off the bat, we had a change of plans. Our initial plan for today was to head back up to the Ocala National Forest to do some more Geocaching. However as we were getting ready, I noticed a cache that had published 2 days ago up in Oakland had yet to be found. So off we went.

We drove quickly north up the Florida turnpike and exited off at Oakland. A few minutes later and we pulled into the Oakland Nature Preserve. It took a little bit trying to figure out the right trail getting back to the cache, but eventually we did it. After finding the cache container and opening a nice clean log sheet, we stamped our AwayWeGo to the top spot for the First To Find!

From there we just decided to head west over into the Clermont area for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and keep Geocaching in South Lake County. A few urban caches nearby before driving over to Lake Louisa Rd and two more caches within the Crooked River Preserve. A couple miles down the road was another cache at the entrance to the former Lake Susan Lodge. Probably a cool place back in the day, but now closed and gated off.

Making our way over to SR-33 and headed south, grabbing a few caches along the way. After finding 12 caches for the day we decided to head on back home. Maybe tomorrow we'll do our original plan of the ONF.

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