Thursday, February 4, 2016

2015-04-04: Geocaching and Roaming Around Back Country Roads

Most of the time when we decide to go Geocaching, we don't really have anyplace in particular to get to. I just sorta pick a direction and we head that way. If I see a road we've never been down before or it looks interesting, we take it. I also have the live Geocaching map open so that if there's a cache nearby, we'll head towards it. We just roam around and see where we end up.

After spending a lot of time recently going north to Ocala, this morning I decided to go southwest. We drove west down I-4 to US-27 and turned south. Reaching Davenport, I saw a cache called "Horseshoe Creek One Lane Bridge." Well that sounded interesting so we went to check it out. We found the narrow bridge, the small creek, and of course the cache.

At the end of that road was the Lake Marion Creek Wildlife Management Area where another cache was located. After parking, it was a short 0.3 mile hike to the cache. A quick find and back to the car and down the road.

From there we drove over to Old Bartow Lake Wales Rd which runs through some ranches and cow pastures. There were quite a few caches down this stretch of road so we found all those and a few more nearby before heading home. A nice drive, a short hike, 20 caches later and another great day.

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