Thursday, February 4, 2016

2015-05-16: Ghost Town Cemetery and Geocaching with Friends

Today we were meeting some friends to go Geocaching on the west side of I-4 in Sanford, FL. They were driving down from North Florida and wasn't going to get there until late morning. So with Candy and I having time to spare, we decided to get some of the other area caches before hand.

Did you know there was a ghost town right there off of Hwy 46? Probably thousands of people drive by on that busy highway every day and not know about it. Well thanks to Geocaching, it told us there was once a small town there called Ethel established back in the 1800's. We parked down the road to the Rock Spring Run State Preserve and made the 1.5 mile round trip hike to visit the Ethel Cemetery.

After returning to our car, we made our way over to meet up with HorseshoeChamp, Geoturtlelover, and Parkhoppers to find the "Lucky 7" series of puzzle caches nearby. It was a pretty fun time and we ended finding a total of 39 caches for the day before heading home.

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