Wednesday, February 10, 2016

2015-09-19: Geocaching In North Florida With Friends Finding Turtle GeoArt

So for today's adventure, we drove up to North Florida and the Osceola National Forest to attend the GeoArt Turtle Kick-Off event. Held at HorseshoeChamps compound and hosted by Geoturtlelover, we all gathered for some socializing before given the go-ahead to get started. We teamed up with YankaBucs, MsYB, and CoalCracker7 to go out on the hunt to find all the Turtle Puzzle caches and a couple more.

A few hours later, we were all back at the ranch, sharing stories, and having lunch. It was a great day ending with a total of 66 caches, our second GeoArt, and hanging out with friends. We even stopped to have dinner in St. Augustine with Candy's family.

One of the non-turtle caches we found. A nano the size
of a pencil eraser was hidden somewhere on this bridge.

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