Thursday, February 4, 2016

2015-05-17: Geocaching, GeoArt, Power Run and Baseball

OK let me just make this announcement: I do NOT like baseball, I don't know much about baseball, even more so I don't know anything about the New York Yankees! Why do I start with these statements you ask? Because in order for us to find today's bunch of Geocaches, I had to spend a couple of hours researching New York Yankees trivia! 

Today we were heading south to go Geocaching along US-441 between Holopaw and YeeHaw Junction. Along 30 mile that stretch of road you'll find hundreds of caches. At the north end nearest Holopaw, is a group of puzzle caches that form the New York Yankees logo into a GeoArt design. To solve the puzzles and get the correct coordinates for the caches you have to answer trivia questions for the Yankees. 40 questions in all and 40 questions to Google and look up! Ugh!

Anyway, we drove down to start finding the caches and encountered a rain shower. We had to drive several miles through the rain to get past it. So we skipped the first 15 or so caches and started near the middle. We worked our way south getting the remaining puzzle caches.

After those we encountered those caches which we had already found the last time we were down this way. So we drove past all those until we got to my previous DNF called "Treediculous." Remember that one? I spent about 20-30 minutes up in the tree only to come away without a find? Anyway this time I was determined to find it! I climbed up again and after about 15 minutes, I found it! YAY!! That made the day!

After the tree climb, we continued south and picked up where we previously left off. About an hour later, we turned back around towards home stopping to find those few we passed earlier because of the rain. We completed our second GeoArt. 

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