Thursday, February 4, 2016

2015-05-24: Geocaching Power Run and Short Hike

Today we returned to find more of the power run caches along US-441 near YeeHaw Junction. After Geocaching 2 hours and 31 caches later, the heat had gotten to us and we called it quits with the power run. Driving down to State Road 60 turning east, we headed for Blue Cypress Lake.

There were another 12 caches along Blue Cypress Lake Rd and we found those too. The last of which was a nice little hike down a trail through the swamp. The last two caches down at the end on the lake by Middleton Fish Camp we couldn't get too because we didn't want to get wet.

We called it a day after hanging out by the lake for a few minutes and then headed back for home. Until next time...

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