Monday, February 8, 2016

2015-06-25: Road Trip Day #6 Geocaching Ohio and Kentucky

Today began and ended with Corvettes. We started out this morning from Findlay, OH and headed over to the Cracker Barrel for some breakfast. In the parking lot was a row of Corvettes. And we finished the day down in Kentucky at the Corvette Museum. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

After eating we picked up a couple of caches there in Findlay, jumped onto I-75 southbound and a couple of new counties before getting off in Dayton, Ohio for a virtual cache and some history. Orville and Wilber Wright had a bicycle shop here in Dayton while designing their first powered aircraft. Outside the Engineers Club of Dayton is this memorial and full-sized version of that aircraft.

Our next stop down the road was in Sharonville, on the outskirts of Cincinnati at Sharon Woods Park. This beautiful park and waterfalls along Sharon Creek was the location of a virtual Geocache. If it not for Geocaching and someone setting up this virtual here, we would never have stopped to see it.

Also located within the Sharon Woods Park was this old neglected cemetery.

Leaving Ohio and driving into Kentucky, we detoured off of I-75 onto I-71 for a different route home. Also the opportunity to see new things and get caches in new counties. We drove I-71 into Louisville merging onto I-65 south down into and stopping in Bowling Green. Bowling Green is the home of the Corvette Museum and Factory. We didn't have time for a factory tour, but we did walk through the museum. While they have many Corvettes on display, I only took pictures of some of the experimental prototype cars. We also got to see the damaged rare Corvettes that were swallowed up in the sinkhole last year. 

Outside the museum is one of Geocaching's "Cache Across America" caches and of course we had to find it! That's it for today. Like I said it began and ended with Corvettes. See you tomorrow.

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