Monday, February 22, 2016

2015-12-26: Geocaching and Following Yesterdays Route

So today we decided to go back up to Lufkin again and again for another Starbucks. This time we found a few more local urban caches around town as well. After three local caches, we continued following yesterdays route up towards Nacogdoches. This time Geocaching up in the north side of town and this old silo.

Several more caches later and driving down this backroad, we passed by the foundation of where a house used to be. The only thing that remains was this chimney!

Another place of interest, was this park in Timpson, TX. There were four caches here, but I really liked the grounds here with the old rock wall.

We ended the day with 24 Geocaching finds and a couple of new counties as well.

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