Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2015-03-08: More Geocaching and Hiking in the Ocala National Forest

After the change of plans yesterday, today we got an early start and headed back up to the Ocala National Forest to finally finish up the TAFF series power run Geocaches. Twenty park and grab caches later and the series completed, it was time to stretch our legs and go for a hike.

So we drove up SR-19 a few miles, turning west onto Forest Road 595 and headed over to Farles Prairie Recreation Area. Setting out from the trail head to the east side of the lake, the was a series of caches that went all the way up to Forest Road 599. However it looks as though there was a very recent controlled burn in the area. Of the 24 caches along this trail, we found 13 caches in tact, 5 caches partially melted, and the remaining 6 were completely burnt up with very little remains if any all.

We also found several tree stumps and areas still smoldering and even some flames. Getting to the end we turned around and backtracked to the car. It was about 6-7 miles of hiking round trip.

Of course we also ended the day at Beef O'Brady's in Umatilla.

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